Low Voltage Cabling & Wireless Infrastructure

Low Voltage Cabling & Wireless Infrastructure


Without a reliable and secure infrastructure, your network is at risk for failure. We are able to effectively implement all cable and wireless solutions for your business. We can ensure that your network, both wireless and wired, are done properly.

Wireless Infrastructure

From the wireless connections in your office, to providing wireless to guests and clients as a “value added” service, Empower IT can help ensure that your wireless system is fast, secure and reliable.

Empower IT Group provides robust and stable wireless infrastructure solutions to provide this functionality without adding to your overhead and oversight. We will perform a comprehensive site survey with a spectrum analysis, and recommend the solution that fits both your need and your budget.

Using industry leading wireless controllers and access points, as well as advanced security solutions – you can provide the wireless your site requires and not incur the headaches and frustrations that typically come with poorly designed networks or solutions.

Low Voltage Cabling

Network cabling for corporate offices is a critical element to any office space. If the network cabling is not designed properly or installed correctly, this will present major interruptions to productivity.

Empower IT Group has extensive experience in both space planning and deploying cabling for corporate offices throughout South Florida. We review the plans and layout of the site, confirm space planning, and address growth requirements. We work directly with the property managers or general contractors to ensure the project is on schedule and on budget.